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Sunfall (Out 18 April 2019)

“The Day After Tomorrow meets Neuromancer . . . When the planet's magnetic field fails, the naked sun threatens to deliver an extinction level event now – and every century – unless a high-tech near future humanity can save itself. Sunfall is sizzling stuff. And the best informed techno-thriller you are ever likely to read." (STEPHEN BAXTER)

It’s 2041 and the world as we know it grinds to a halt. The magnetic field, that protects life on Earth from deadly radiation from space, is failing . . . 

World governments have concealed this Armageddon. But a young Iranian hacktivist stumbles across the truth, and it becomes a race against time to reactivate the earth's core using beams of dark matter. 

As a team of brilliant scientists battle to find a way of transforming theory into practice, they face a fanatical group intent on pursuing their own endgame agenda: for they believe mankind to be a plague upon this earth and will do anything, commit any crime, to ensure that the project fails . . . And so bring about humanity's end.

This is Jim’s thrilling debut novel, which draws on cutting-edge science and set in a near-future full of dazzling technologies. 

Available in paperback from Waterstones or Amazon. Also as Kindle and Audiobook.

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Each week, Jim invites a leading scientist to tell us about their life and work. He’ll talk to Nobel laureates as well as the next generation of beautiful minds to find out what inspires and motivates them and what their discoveries might do for us.

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The book of the Life Scientific (Explorers), by Anna Buckley is out now.



Watch me and Neil deGrasse Tyson show how badly we moonwalk

This short clip was taken in early December at BBC New Broadcasting House in London, when Neil came in to record an episode of my radio show, The Life Scientific (aired on 20 Dec and available on the website to listen to). At the end of the recording (not in the programme) I said he was the only other scientist I know who claims to be able to moonwalk. This led to a Moonwalk-off. 

We are both utterly dreadful....


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