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Professor of theoretical physics at the University of Surrey, author and broadcaster.

Do we have free will – a physicist’s perspective?

This blog was prompted by an online article I was alerted to by Roger Highfield on Twitter, which discussed how neuroscientists were conducting experiments suggesting that free will is indeed just an illusion. It was rather dismissive of the years … Continue reading

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Higgs, shmiggs.. who cares?

Now that the dust has settled, my blog post on the Higgs discovery.

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Higgs, shmiggs.. who cares?

So, how do I feel about the Higgs discovery? Am I excited, indifferent or even just a little disappointed? Before CERN’s announcement on the 4 July 2012, I had asked myself on many occasions whether I hoped the Higgs would … Continue reading

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Shock and Awe

My TV series on the history of electricity, Shock and Awe, is back on BBC4. Episode 1 is tomorrow evening (Sunday 29 April) at 8pm.

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The Life Scientific

My radio show, The Life Scientific, starts again on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday, 8 May at 0900. My first guest is father of Gaia Theory, James Lovelock.

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Some nice reviews of my new book, PARADOX

Since my book, Paradox: The Nine Greatest Enigmas in Science, came out a couple of weeks ago, there have been a number of reviews, which have been overwhelmingly positive about it. Here is a selection of quotes: ‘The wizardry of … Continue reading

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New edition of “Nucleus” published

Dundee University Press have just published the new (2nd) edition of Nucleus: A Trip Into the Heart of Matter. This is the only glossy, coffee table book on nuclear physics in existence and well worth a read.

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New paperback out

The paperback edition of Pathfinders: The Golden Age of Arabic Science is now out.

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