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Recording the Life Scientific with Peter Higgs

Here is my blog on the making of the Life Scientific with Peter Higgs. It includes some audio clips from the programme, due to air on 18 February 2014.

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My blog post on Light and Dark, BBC4

Here are some thoughts following the great response I received on Twitter last night when my new BBC science doc was aired.

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The Life Scientific

The Life Scientific will be back in early May for a new run.

However, if you have missed any programmes then check out this link where you can download all 45 episodes recorded so far, for free.

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Quantum Biology lectures online

All the plenary lectures from the recent international workshop on quantum biology are now available online here.

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Determinism and free will

Are we really part of a clockwork universe? My new blog post on whether we have free will.

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Higgs, shmiggs.. who cares?

Now that the dust has settled, my blog post on the Higgs discovery.

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Shock and Awe

My TV series on the history of electricity, Shock and Awe, is back on BBC4. Episode 1 is tomorrow evening (Sunday 29 April) at 8pm.

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The Life Scientific

My radio show, The Life Scientific, starts again on BBC Radio 4 on Tuesday, 8 May at 0900. My first guest is father of Gaia Theory, James Lovelock.

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