If you have a new idea or theory you wish to send me then please read this first.


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Send me a message by using the form. Please note however that I receive many emails, both physics questions and requests, and am unable to answer most of the time. I will try, but no promises.

Also, please note that I am not able to provide evaluations of manuscripts, papers or 'new theories', unless submitted through a professional journal.

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If you believe you have discovered a new theory or have an explanation for *the 2-slit experiment of quantum mechanics/dark matter/dark energy/the big bang (*- delete as appropriate) then please do not send it to me as I will not have time to read it or respond. Please read the following where I explain why:

  • In general, and in common with my academic colleagues, I do not have the time to read and consider new theories that have not come through appropriate channels such as requests for review by editors of peer-review journals.

  • It is departmental policy, that academics will not accept unsolicited or unscheduled visits.

  • I am not obliged to respond to, or comment on, unsolicited correspondence or emails, nor do I need to justify this. This should not be taken as a personal criticism of you, nor a dismissal of your work.

  • It is standard protocol in science to submit new ideas, theories or experimental results to peer review journals for assessment. This is part of the scientific method that has been established the world over for centuries.

  • You may find these weblinks helpful:




In 2013, I gave a popular science lecture on quantum mechanics at the Royal Institution. In a particular segment I discuss the famous ‘two-slit experiment’ - referred to as the 'central mystery of quantum mechanics'. I issued a lighthearted challenge to my audience, which wasn't meant to be taken seriously. I said that if anyone is able to come up with a ‘common sense’ account of how to explain it, they should get in touch with me, as they will no doubt be up for a Nobel Prize! I also assumed, when I cast down the proverbial gauntlet, that I was addressing just the few hundred members of the Ri audience that evening. But the Ri posts much of its educational material online, including my lecture; and since then I have received hundreds of fascinating emails from amateur scientists claiming to have solved this central quantum mystery and suggesting that maybe physicists have forgotten to consider this or that mechanism or detail. If you believe you have THE ANSWER, then I do urge you to read the above and refrain from sending it to me.

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