Higgs, shmiggs.. who cares?

Now that the dust has settled, my blog post on the Higgs discovery.

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Professor of theoretical physics at the University of Surrey, author and broadcaster.
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  1. simon says:

    I know this is slightly off topic but I wanted to leave a comment on the most recent of your sites so that the chances of you seeing it are enhanced.
    I have been watching a programme on the big bang and it seems that everything comes out of nothing . Surely this is illogical? Laws cannot exsist if there is no logic and therefore, probably, logic exsists throughout space.
    If there is a big bang then surely there is a big suck (contraction) too?
    We have no evidence because we are not in a position, yet, to observe it.
    Indeed could our red shift expansion be powered by big sucks surrounding our bubble (for want of a better word)?
    If we can determine any slight difference in the speed of the red shift in different directions surely this would prove that there are multiple suckers acting on our bubble meaning there are many , not just one, force pulling our bubble outwards?
    This information is free.
    If you can use it and it is not (very likely) ridiculous please do so.
    I love your progs and am glad you are on this Earth during my time here:).

  2. I actually believe this amazing article , “Higgs, shmiggs.
    . who cares? |”, rather enjoyable not to mention it was
    indeed a fantastic read. Thanks-Jodie

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