Shock and Awe

My TV series on the history of electricity, Shock and Awe, is back on BBC4. Episode 1 is tomorrow evening (Sunday 29 April) at 8pm.

About Jim Al-Khalili

Professor of theoretical physics at the University of Surrey, author and broadcaster.
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6 Responses to Shock and Awe

  1. Kathleen Wilson says:

    I have been fascinated by your programme on electricity over the last 3 Sundays. Your style of presentation is engaging, easy to understand and wholly absorbing. Having never been really interested in science at school and much preferring literature and the arts, I now find myself wanting to read more about the discovery and uses of elctricity, semi conductors etc. Very well done and thank you for awakening my interest.

  2. Yau Hao says:

    Ei Jim fantastic the secret life of chaos and everything and nothing it like me so much! please make more films like this!!!!!! The simples loop can create everything and it meens that any design has to be simple in his rules and whatever in his view.

  3. Wayne G says:

    This series was very interesting and explained the subject matter simply for the non technical viewers.
    I really enjoyed watching it.Only one point to note that in episode two you stated that the carbon rod resistance increased with temperature. This is not correct for carbon. Metals resistance increase with temperature but it decreases for carbon.

    • You’re quite right. Sloppy of me not to spot that. Should have used a metal with positive temp coefficient of resistance to match my explanation. The early carbon filaments need a different explanation (as they got hotter, their electrical resistance dropped. This made the lamp sensitive to fluctuations in the power supply, since a small increase of voltage would cause the filament to heat up, reducing its resistance and causing it to draw even more power and heat even further). Thank you for spotting this (damn you!)

  4. Wayne Watson says:

    Too bad it’s not available in the U.S.

  5. mohamad says:

    this is good…very good . but i can’t find any subtitle for it….not english even..please …i neeeeeeeed subtitle

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