Surrey University graduates top in UK for jobs

University of Surrey graduates are the most employable in the UK, according to recent data published by the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

HESA has just completed its latest survey into the career paths taken by graduates when they leave their universities and colleges, the assessment known as Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education. It discovered that 96.9% of Surrey students were found to be in employment six months after they graduated – an impressive achievement given the current economic climate.

Russ Clark, Head of the Career Service, comments: “The University of Surrey does not simply talk about employability, we deliver it. Over the last 15 years we have had the lowest average unemployment rate in the country. So successful is Surrey that it has come to be known as ‘The University for Jobs’.”

Surrey’s strength lies in providing opportunities for students to experience relevant employment during their studies. More than fifty per cent of Surrey’s undergraduates opt for a Professional Training Year. The placements number some 800 every year and many are overseas. Come graduation, students who have had a placement are unbelievably attractive to employers.

The Careers Service is heavily involved with the placement programme and the students’ eventual transition into employment or further study. It has extensive contacts with employers many of whom visit the University in order to give presentations, deliver workshops on application and interview technique and run business games.

An employment thread runs through everything Surrey does. An on-line tool for recording and reflecting on the skills students develop to help them with their eventual job search is available to every student. The Students’ Union is committed to both employing students and equipping them with valuable skills through an extensive training programme. Volunteer schemes are available and a university-wide award is currently being piloted which includes significant elements which enhance employability.

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