What’s in a Title? Everything.

New blog post in which I call for suggestions for a title for my new Radio 4 science series (Read blog here)

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Professor of theoretical physics at the University of Surrey, author and broadcaster.
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  1. Ian T Hinchey says:

    (There is no hint anywhere online that ‘Atom’ is available on cd/dvd/blueray – might this change in the near future, please?)

    Is it a reasonable layman’s assumption that anti-matter must have gone through the same contortions as matter during and after the big bang?

    And with the conclusion that it must exist in as many forms as matter? And with this stretching to 92 equivalent transuranic states that it might also have equivalents of? (Does the Dirac computation limiting possible transuranic states block the idea that there may be 92 transuranic states and anti-matter equivalents, and to the detriment of theoretical/practical pursuit?)

    I beg your indulgence for any programme inspired speculative idiocy.

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