Jim's Scipods - Series 2

Scipods Series 2

My second series of sci-pods are now available, covering topics ranging from the Dirac Equation & Olber’s Paradox to whether we have free will or can travel in time. Subscribe now by clicking on the picture to the right, or scroll down to download them individually.

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Jim's Scipods - Series 1

Scipods Series 1

In 2009, I made a series of five ten minute podcasts talking about a range of different topics in science, mostly connected with my interests in medieval Arabic science. You can download them free from iTunes by clicking on the image to the right.

If you’re not using iTunes, you can directly access the podcast with any other feed reader at http://www.jimal-khalili.com/podcast/jim.rss.

Alternatively, you can download the individual episodes by clicking on the links below:

20 Responses to Podcasts

  1. Martin Kleis says:

    Amazing work, both with the site and with the podcasts. And thanks for allowing us to download them here instead of being forced to use iTunes *shudders*

    Martin Kleis – Soon to be teacher in science/biology/chemistry

  2. Abu Yahya says:

    thanks for allowing us to download them….!! great work

  3. Andrew Howstan says:

    Really enjoying podcasts. Is there a technical problem with part 2 time travel? Podcast cuts out mid way through.

    • Jim Al-Khalili says:

      Yes Andrew, there is a problem. The Dark Matter and Energy one chops off before the end too. It is hopefully being sorted today.

  4. Abu Yahya says:

    I started listening to them all I can say they’re very informative and neutral..!! keep going professor

    we like these things very much

  5. Haider Al-Khalidy says:

    Good day from Sydney 🙂 I love your enthusiasm towards science! It would be great to see you doing a documentary about the history of Trigonometry, because it seems like most people I know tend to take the system that scientist heavily rely on for granted.

    I think it’s just amazing how the father of Trig, managed to spot the hidden relationship between the ratio of sides and their respective angles, and why should sine curve look like the way it is and how ancient philosophers and mathematicians struggled in calculating accurate tables of sine,cosine and tangent.

    As you can see, I’m more mathematically inclined, which was a shame you didn’t show me how you derived your “formula” for finding the radius of the earth(even tho I managed to apply the same reasoning to establish a similar equation to the one you had in terms of Tangents in your Episode 2 of Science and Islam).


  6. Cris Dumi says:

    Waiting for series 3. Thanks for your amazing work.


    Hello from Colombia!. I’ve seen almost all of your documentaries and now I’m finishing off your scipods and let me tell you, it’s amazing!. Keep up the good work professor. I love your passion towards physics.

  8. JA CNeves says:

    Hi from Portugal

    As a university teacher I have to thank you for the excepcional quality and, most of all, the chance of sharing your excelent work.

    Thank you,



  9. Shan says:

    Hello Sir,

    I am novice but physics enthusiast. I am reading your Blackhole book. Really nice and simple and a page turner.

    Thats great works at your part, providing free quality material. Please post more stuff related to Quantum mechanics (something like copenhagen vs many worlds). Many world is still finding hard to go down my throat.

    Many Thanks.


    Many Thanks

  10. brian says:

    in your book QUANTUM you d show the two slit experiment. iwould like to know what happens when both slits are measured for a particle at the same time. Does any partical emerge from either slit ? Its not obvious to me .

  11. Tim Lee says:

    Dear Prof Al-Khalili,
    I failed maths O-level 5 times with grade 9’s and my tutor’s final report said ‘Tim is so bad at maths that he can’t even add up his O-level grades’, I never even got near Physics or Chemistry, so it surprises me now to write a short message to express how bedazzled and fascinated I have been whilst watching ‘Everything’ and ‘Nothing’. I have watched each programme many many times. I would very much like to see, read or hear your theories on what created the ‘Big Bang’, why creation occurred and what it may, or could, mean when these things may ultimately be known. And many other things too. Thank you, Tim.

  12. Saulo Barbosa says:

    Thanks for the podcasts!

    I awaiting for the DVD noting and everything.

    kind regards

  13. peter hartley says:

    In “Everything and Nothing” you described an experiment to show that there were quantum fluctuations in a vacuum – that they were not really empty space. However, the vessel used for the experiment could have emitted electrons that then interfered with the experiment, falsely indicating the presence of quanta – could it not?? Have tried to get a reply via your Uni website but to no avail. Anyone else help??

  14. Dickie says:

    I just love this guy and these podcasts and the tv documentaries, even though they sometimes give me brain ache! They are all saved to my pc for frequent revsiting

    I wish Jim would narrate (audiobook) some of his ‘printed’ books

  15. jk says:

    Hi Jim,
    Any time to bring back the SciPod series? I hope you didn’t discontinue it due to low download figures our some other metric….. I for one would love to hear more from you. Love live uncynical curiosity!
    Thanks, John

  16. Wilson Crasta says:

    hello Jim i saw a few of your docs mainly Chemistry a volatile mystery its was just awesome, i have become your true fan now and have been searching the net for more such movies thanks for allowing to download free…. may u achieve all the success in life..

  17. Gordon Tatro says:

    I just ordered “Black holes, wormholes and time machines” and I love most (for your books) “Quantum: A Guide for the Perplexed” … The QUALITY and pictures are fantastic!! Thanks. For your moives I love the ones by the BBC from the Horizon series (if they can be found and not ‘stopped’ by youtube). As a point I would like to see them here linked the ones on: Time (Illusion of time?), Chemistry, and the “Atom”. I saw them all a couple times and then…poof! they are no where to be found off the internet. I’d purchase everyone you’ve made if they were offered. Why can I not find them to buy? Thanks Jim…and keep the science coming with that special touch you apply best — getting the layman to understand.

    Gordon (USA, Northampton, MA)

  18. Zenat says:

    hi there
    i am looking for script of the documentry movie SCIENCE AND ISLAM
    can anyone HELP ME!
    from Afghanistan

  19. Nigel Blackstock says:

    I hate physics but love these. Keep up the good work

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