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I currently teach two undergraduate modules:

  • Year 1 – Universe (Module code PHY1037). This first year 15 credit module begins with a brief history of astronomy and cosmology leading to modern physics and introduces Special Relativity along with a few lectures on General Relativity. It ends with a look at dark matter, dark energy and some outstanding problems in modern cosmology.
  • Year 3/M – Topics in Theoretical Physics (Module code PHYM039). This final year 15 credit module covers topics such as complex variable theory and complex (contour) integration methods, calculus of variations, Lagrangian mechanics and integral transforms.

Past teaching:

  • Mathematics: Level 1 Maths III (module developer) (1991–94, 96–01)
  • Mathematics: Level 1 Mathematics I (module developer) (1996–01)
  • Quantum Mechanics: Level 2 core module on quantum mechanics (1992–95, 2001– 07)
  • Fortran Computing Coursework (Level 2) (2003–07)
  • Principles of Relativity: Level 1 half module (module developer) (1996–99)
  • Introduction to Scattering Theory, postgraduate lectures (1991–94).
  • Computer Skills, introductory course on computing (1996–2003)
  • Space, Time and Relativity – Level 1 module (module developer) (2000–2010)
  • Mathematical Methods – Level 3 module (2006-2011)

Previous External Teaching:

  • Invited lecturer on Nuclear Reaction Theory at 8th National Postgraduate School on Nuclear Physics, University of Wales, Bangor, 3?16 September 1995
  • Invited lecturer on Structure and Reaction Studies with Halo Nuclei at Euroschool on Exotic Beams (European Postgraduate Summer School), Leuven, Belgium, 31 August ? 4 September, 1998.
  • Few-body models of direct nuclear reactions, 10 lectures as part of ECT* Marie Curie Doctoral Training Programme, Trento, Italy, 25-29 Aug 2003.
  • Direct Nuclear Reactions, course of 12 lectures delivered to French postgraduate students at Institut de Physique Nucléaire, Orsay, France, 18-20 May 2005.

Supervision of research students:


  1. Matthew Bush (1993-97), PhD, September 1997, Spin-dependent interactions in the three-body eikonal model (supported by EPSRC research studentship), with J.A. Tostevin.
  2. John Brooke (1996-99), PhD, September 1999, Non-eikonal corrections to nuclear few-body scattering models (supported by EPSRC research studentship), with J.A. Tostevin.
  3. Neil Summers (1998-2001), PhD December 2001, Beyond the adiabatic model for the elastic scattering of composite nuclei (supported by EPSRC research studentship), with R.C. Johnson.
  4. Steven Young (2000-2004), PhD June 2004, Probing halo nuclei with the pion photoproduction reaction (supported by Project Studentship on Grant GR/M82141).
  5. David Howell (2003-2007), on knockout reactions as probe of exotic nuclei, supported by EPSRC studentship
  6. Christine Carter (2004-2008), on (p,2p) quasielastic reactions as probe of exotic nuclei, supported by EPSRC studentship
  7. James Broomfield (2005-2009), on model independent methods in electron scattering, supported by EPSRC studentship.
  8. Adrian Cannon (2005-2009) on modelling proton radioactivity in proton-rich nuclei, supported by EPSRC
  9. Elizabeth Cunningham (2006-2010) on scattering models on unstable nuclei


  • Adam Godbeer (2011-) Quantum tunnelling models of DNA base tautomeric mutations
  • Tomokazu Miyamoto (2012-) nuclear reaction theory
  • Rosh Sellahewa (2012-) nuclear structure theory

PhD examinations:

    Internal examiner for 13 Surrey students and external examiner for 6 students (in UK, Sweden, Norway and Egypt).